trans-scribing canada

between Taiwan and Canada, but not in the Pacific Ocean

Monday, November 21, 2005

Promised Land

Wayde just south of Hualien on the east coast.
Their, or our, national imaginary. Sometimes think I was overly occupied with explaining my own. Maybe need to posit a not-sunken city or island, adjacent to the conversation. Mt. Analog.

Love Hotel

Seems like only yesterday in the Rido, aka love-hotel.


Welcome to trans-scribing canada, our virtual home between Taiwan and Canada, no where near the Pacific Ocean. I hope you'll all think of this as a place to share thoughts and reflections on the tour itself, and on any ideas or further travels that arise from it. And photos, of course. It was great travelling with you all, and sharing your lenses on that messy, complicated and very interesting island. This is your space, so post to your hearts content.